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What is a telecare alarm?

A telecare alarm (community alarm, pendant alarm, lifeline alarm) is an aid installed in the home that provides a 24 hour response to those living independently.

In the event of an emergency (e.g. - illness or accident), the alarm can be activated, connecting you to a dedicated monitoring centre. Appropriate action will then be taken to ensure your safety which may include alerting a member of staff, contacting the emergency services, a relative, carer or friend.


How does the alarm work?

The alarm connects to a standard telephone line and power socket.


Will the alarm affect my existing telephone/broadband service?

No. The alarm unit is installed so that all services work alongside each other.


Will the alarm work in a power cut?

Yes. The alarm unit has an internal rechargeable battery enabling it to function in the event of power failure.


Can I wear the alarm trigger outside or in the shower?

Yes. The alarm trigger is water resistant up to 1m. It can be worn in the shower however, immersing it in the bath should be avoided.

The trigger will also work inside your home and garden up to a radio range of 50m.


What happens if I press the trigger by mistake?

Don't worry. Simply tell the monitoring centre operator that it was a false alarm. Our main concern is your wellbeing.


What if I lose my trigger?

Simply call us from your telephone or by pressing the red button on the alarm unit and we'll happily provide a replacement trigger for you. Replacements are supplied at an additional cost to your service.


Are your staff DBS checked?

Yes. All response staff are DBS (enhanced) checked and go through various training that includes Safeguarding, Dementia & Epilepsy awareness, First Aid training, Safe Patient Lifting (mangar cushions), Risk Assessments, Health & Safety and Equality & Diversity. All are updated on a regular basis.





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